Douglass A.I. Email

Douglass AI Email

Douglass A.I. email can be trained to understand the context of your emails and propose valuable time saving actions.

Dedicated Attachment Search 

With a dedicated attachment search bar, you can now easily locate your attachments without having to open your threads within threads of emails.

Shared Email Folder

Instead of forwarding emails and having them get lost, we created the shared email folder, where you can share important emails with your team, and distribute the load.

Attachement Notifications

Directly attach files from your secure file storage and get notified when the attachment is viewed.

Douglass Community Commerce Integration

Receive notifications about items you have listed or that you are searching for. 

Douglass Community Bank Integration

Send and transfer funds to any douglass member using their email address. Receiving notifications when there has been a distribution of funds into you account from the Douglass Community Dividend Service.