Douglass Cloud

Putting New Markets Together with BCL aligned Core Services, Commerce Applications. and Enterprise Tools 

Douglass Community Commerce services, commerce applications and enterprise tools together can provide true vendor relationship functionality. 

With a full suite of tools for both members and BCL aligned enterprises, a Douglass members will have the ability to express their intention to purchase items in the near future. That member will also want to know what local store has all -- or at least most -- of the items they are seeking.  

Douglass members can initiate a connection to either an BCL aligned intermediary (who hosts an intention marketplace) or to several local stores they shop at regularly.  They can choose on their own terms how to manage relationship connections (between the personal data structure and the enterprise tool suite). 

These direct connections between Douglass members and BCL aligned vendors have the potential to provide enormous mutual value. BCL aligned Companies know more about future customer demand (helping manage inventory and supply chain delivery) and demographics. Douglass members can control which companies have what data about them and set terms and conditions for use.