Douglass Apps

Douglass Apps

With Douglass your data no longer belongs to the applications, your data belongs to you. Data remains the yours and is never extracted, or possessed by the app. There is no need for sharing data between apps, when data leaves you, you lose control over it. This does not mean we never share data, we do, with friends and teams, but not with apps and their owners.

The Douglass OS includes a suite of applications that provide the basic functionality that people need in a computing platform. 

These applications are already operational and configured for the decentralized network, yet follow open source standards and will work with files from other major platforms.

Sojourner Decentralized Messaging

  • Sojourner Decentralized Messaging is Native to the Douglass OS and all Douglass Devices
  • Named in honor of Sojourner Truth
  • No Central Servers
  • Private messages are end-to-end encrypted
  • No Tracking
  • Works offline 
  • Syn over wifi
  • Public Social Feeds
  • Global Mesh Network

Douglass Notes

  • Create Documents that are encrypted and Decentralized
  • Encryption carried out Natively
  • Securely Collaborate and Group Edit encrypted and Decentralized Documents
  • Securely Create Rich Text Documents
  • Securely Create Code
  • Securely Create Presentations
  • Securely Create Polls

Douglass Calls

  • Native Decentralized P2P Video call Service
  • Group peer to peer video calls
  • Uses  the ida:// Decentralized Protocol
  • Create Private Rooms
  • Share secret links with call participants

Robeson Music

  • Named in honor of Paul Robeson
  • Peer-to-peer audio publishing and streaming service
  • Social Music Service
  • Like Sound Cloud, and iTunes but decentralized
  • Built in Micro Payments Service
  • Artist and labels generate revenue
  • Followers and Fans generate revenue
  • Group and individual payments (Fans, Band Members, Labels,Rights Holders)
  • Artist Fan Connections
  • Ability to create streams of social conversations that are in context to artist and tracks


  • Peer-to-peer Social Video publishing and streaming application
  • Social Video Service
  • Named in honor of Josephine Baker 
  • Original Douglass Content
  • User Generated Content
  • Follow members
  • Like Youtube, and Netflix but decentralized
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Subscription Micro Payments Service
  • Artist and studios generate revenue
  • Fans generate revenue
  • Group and individual payments
  • Gossip Peer to Peer Network
  • Artist Fan Connections
  • Ability to create streams of conversations that are in context to artist and tracks

Du Bois

  • Cloud Storage for the Douglass Community
  • Named in honor of W.E.B. Dubois
  • End to End Encryption
  • New Decentralized DNS services
  • Cloud Storage for Decentralized applications
  • Cloud Storage for Decentralized data stores
  • Boot strap peer service for Decentralized site and applications
  • Cloud Service for hosting decentralized data archives
  • Subscription based service.
  • Micro payments.
  • Host Archives for: Robeson, Sojourner, Douglass Browser sites and Apps

 Woods A.I.

  • Patented Decentralized General Artificial Intelligence Service
  • Named in honor of Granville Woods
  • Woods A.I. in integrated into the Douglass OS
  • All Douglass Devices are A.I. nodes
  • Advanced Concept Vector Mapping
  • Solves Central Challenges of General Artificial Intelligence
  • Mastering Natural Conversational Language
  • Organic Leaps in understanding Object Concepts and Context
  • Concept Vector Mapping bridges Languages
  • Self Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Scales as Douglass Network Scales
  • Contextualized cultural and historical analysis
  • A.I. for FreedomTrain Douglass’ integrated Blockchain

Douglass App Store

  • All Apps are sand boxed containers
  • Homogenous App Environments
  • Apps are always compatible
  • Apps are use subscription based
  • User can have the option of paying microcredits when they use the app
  • Apps can be hosted by the community
  • Apps can be hosted on the network
  • Micro payments for: Per Hour(S), Per Day(s), Per Week(s) Per Month(s) usage

All Douglass products are aligned with Beloved Community Economics, Beloved Community PolicyThe Beloved Community Pledge  and The Beloved Community License