Douglass Browser

The Alpha release of the Douglass Browser


 The Douglass Browser

The Douglass Browser is aligned with the Douglass Community License and the Douglass Community PledgeThe Douglass Browser includes  Douglass Search our non tracking search engine as well as  Douglass Cloud The Douglass Browser uses the ida:// decentralized  protocol. The ida:// protocol gives you the ability to easily create and host websites and applications on your computer.



The Douglass Browser is powered by the "Ida" Decentralized protocol. IDA is named in honor of Ida B. Wells an African American teacher, journalist, civil rights pioneer and suffragist.

 Douglass Browser Features

  • No Ad's - The Douglass Browser presents content without ads.
  • Douglass Search -A Privacy Protecting Non tracking Search engine
  • Douglass Cloud With Douglass Cloud you can Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks.
  • Douglass Community - Douglass Community is a Community Empowerment Platform. The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform includes a new generation of applications, an integrated Community focused Social App, cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, and “FreedomTrain” our Beloved Community Economics and Governance service.
  • Douglass News Reader -The Douglass Social news reader is an easy to use social news readers that gives members the ability to read and share news items via Douglass Email, Douglass Circles, or Douglass Members feeds
  • IDA - ida is a peer to peer technology that gives members and communities the ability to: share, store, and distribute data where and when they want. 
  • Decentralized websites - Create and host decentralized websites from your computer. When community members visit your page they begin sharing your your files which allows your website to remain online when your computer is off.
  • Douglass Self-hosted sites are named “Spaces” You can create a Space from Douglass , add your website's HTML, and then share the Space’s link with any other Douglass Browser user. Their computer will connect directly to yours, and they will be able to browse your website.
  • With the Douglass Browser any computer can start hosting a Decentralize website at any time.
  • The Douglass Browsers enables private sharing. When you create a Space and share the link, only people with the link can view the site.

    The Douglass Browser is named in Honor of Frederick Douglass - An African American icon who stood for the equality of all people and the possibility of a better tomorrow. A runaway slave before the Civil War, Douglass became an abolitionist, a supporter of women’s suffrage, and a bridge between communities. 


    All Douglass products are aligned with Douglass Community Economics, Douglass Community PolicyThe  Douglass Community Pledge  and The Douglass Community License