Douglass Change Focus

Douglass' Initial Change Focus

Douglass products and technologies will underpin the funding and coordination of public goods and spaces and will provide a democratically managed commons of no-carbon public luxury. Shorter work weeks that expand free time, along with high quality free or nearly free public goods and services will together enable a profound shift. Douglass will dramatically improve quality of life through the provision of high-quality services and infrastructures shared in common, giving everyone count - less options for enjoying adventurous lives of surprise, creativity, and connection.

  • Developing Products and Technologies for Peace, Love and Purpose.
  • Assuring that all and more than the basic needs for life are provider for outside of any legislative or political process.
  • Funding and distributing a better than basic Global Universal Income
  • Fostering New Models of Community Governance, and Community Economics, that recognize the interconnectedness of all, and that are aligned with the ideals of the Beloved Community.
  • Creating a widely used emancipatory electronic money that is aligned with supporting: Life, Earth and Community
  • Funding public interest initiatives that are in support of: Life, Earth, and Community
  • Funding the needed acquisitions for the development of community food security for all
  • Funding Future of Work
  • Funding and Developing nearly free Electronic Vehicles for all
  • Funding a Douglass Global Green New deal
  • Funding real world DCL aligned Community Owned Public Infrastructure
  • Funding DCL aligned Community Owned technology infrastructure
  • Funding New Work that recognizes our interconnectedness and that is aligned with radical Love for All.
  • Funding and Supporting the creation of DCL aligned Coops
  • Funding community owned A.I.
  • Funding Douglass Community Health Care for All. 
  • Funding New Work that recognizes our interconnectedness and that is aligned with radical Love for All.
  • Funding an African Diaspora and Indigenous Peoples Reparations fund.
  • Funding the development of community dispute resolution mechanism that are based on the Nonviolent communication process.
  • Funding Community Owned Technology Infrastructure. 
  • Re-enfranchisement of the Disenfranchised into the our  Communities

All Douglass products are aligned with Beloved Community Economics, Beloved Community PolicyThe Douglass Community Pledge  and The Douglass Community License