Douglass Community

Universal Income for People, Computing Power & CSR for Companies

Douglass and FreedomTrain will bring income to distressed communities. The Douglass platform will generate significant revenue from it’s powerful enterprise solutions — cloud storage, distributed AI, and EDGE computing. Decentralized nodes in communities can securely host the data and computations for companies. Revenue from community hosting will be distributed directly to communities. 

Companies will have the opportunity to select particular community(ies) that they want to support. This can directly be a part of a company’s CSR programs. Alternatively, they can allow the network to spread the activity and the resulting income across a wider area.

Companies that use the Douglass Community hosting service must be in the the process of receiving Beloved Community Certification. 

Workforce Training & Distributed Manufacturing

Douglass’s dedication to distressed communities extends past our technology platform and into to the company’s operating model.

We will bring workforce training programs into communities to introduce new skills and add people across the Douglass company, from software developers to community organizers. This process goes hand-in-hand with the distributed manufacturing model, our network of manufacturing facilities located purposefully in distressed communities.

Douglass will provide manufacturing jobs, training programs and community-powered decentralized Edge services.

One of Douglass' core missions is supporting distressed communities. By taking part in the Douglass program, cities and communities acquire a new basis for growth, self-sovereignty, and participation in the wider economy.

Douglass Africa 

Douglass makes it possible to empower communities with the first fully deployed EDGE computing network on the continent.

Africa leads the world in mobile ecommerce solutions and community participation.

Douglass provides a platform that extends those capabilities and connects  African communities, providing new opportunities for civic and economic development.


All Douglass products are aligned with Beloved Community Economics, Beloved Community PolicyThe Beloved Community Pledge  and The Beloved Community License