Douglass Community

Technology + Community Empowerment

Frederick Douglass

Douglass is named in honor of  Frederick Douglass — An African American icon who stood for the equality of all peoples and the possibility of a better tomorrow. A self emancipated slave before the Civil War, Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist, human rights activist, entrepreneur, orator, supporter of women’s suffrage, and bridge between communities. 

Douglass: Technology For Peace, Love, Purpose

Douglass is Technology for intentional emancipatory futures. Douglass empowers: local and global communities, returns economic value, funds public goods, and creates the possibility for new models of economics and governance centered in the ideals of Martin Luther Kings “Beloved Community”.

Douglass Community is the Community Empowerment Platform for the Douglass Community. The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform includes a new generation of applications, an integrated  peer to peer protocol, cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, and “FreedomTrain” our Beloved Community Economics and Governance service.

A foundation of intentional Beloved Community aligned policies ensures that the products and technologies we build are in service to: Life, Earth and Communities rather than dominating, replacing, and exploiting them.

A Community Empowerment Platform for Modern New Futures

The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform is a next generation technology that is aligned with the Douglass Community License. The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform enables the creation of Modern New Futures for all.

The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform comes with essential applications that protect your data. 

Douglass represents the first new computing architecture in 25 years

The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform represents a paradigm shift - the next step towards Global Community Empowerment: Native Artificial Intelligence, a Peer to Peer protocol and a Beloved Community Economics and Governance Service. 

A network of completely decentralized devices

The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform powers an independent network of completely decentralized devices, a full suite of newly-architected software applications, and integration services to speed the adoption of the Douglass Community platform. 

Douglass apps run locally and exchange data directly using the ida:// peer to peer protocol without exposing data to intermediaries even when you work across devices and with others.

The Douglass Community Platform brings a systemic advantage to those who work with it

  • Own their data
  • Be confident in privacy and security
  • No storage or upload limits
  • Participate in Douglass Community Governance
  • Participate in Douglass Community Actions
  • Receive Douglass Community Grants
  • Create and Participate with Douglass Coop's
The ida://protocol 

The Douglass includes the ida://protocol— a new peer to peer protocol for a new emancipatory future.

The ida://protocol is named in honor of Ida B. Wells an African American teacher, journalist, civil rights pioneer and suffragist. Ida B. Wells was one of the founders of the NAACP. Over the course of a lifetime dedicated to combating prejudice and violence, and the fight for African American equality,Wells arguably became the most famous Black woman in America.

FreedomTrain | No Blocks, No Chains

Members of the Underground Railroad often used specific terms, based on the metaphor of the rail way. The Railroad was often known as the "Freedom Train” which headed towards "Heaven" or "the Promised Land"

FreedomTrain is a "Beloved Community Economics" and Governance service. The Douglass Community Empowerment Platform and Freedomtrain are socially predistributive (not merely correcting inequalities after the fact), and ecologically regenerative (not merely repairing the damage previously done). The FreedomTrain distributed ledger is integrated into the Douglass Community Empowerment Platform

FreedomTrains Beloved Community Economic service will foster and enable democratic control and community ownership of technology. The Global Douglass community will have a role to play not only in the rate of technological development, but more importantly in its direction.

Woods A.I.

 Artificial General Intelligence 

  • A Community Governed Decentralized General Artificial Intelligence Service
  • Named in honor of Granville Woods
  • Woods A.I. is integrated into the Douglass Community Platform
  • All Douglass Devices are A.I. nodes
  • Advanced Concept Vector Mapping
  • Solves Central Challenges of General Artificial Intelligence
  • Mastering Natural Conversational Language
  • Organic Leaps in understanding Object Concepts and Context
  • Concept Vector Mapping bridges Languages
  • Self Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Scales as Douglass Network Scales
  • Contextualized cultural and historical analysis
  • A.I. for FreedomTrain Douglass’ FreedomTrain Blockchain

How does Douglass impact the world?

  • Douglass leads the next computing revolution — First, the PC Revolution. Second, the Internet Revolution. Third, the Mobile Revolution. Now, the Community Empowerment Revolution.
  • Douglass transforms the experience of worldwide marginalized communities from survival to thriving empowerment.
  • Douglass empowers these communities to define goals, act on them, see their vision become reality, and live in this new place.
  • Douglass creates common ground, re-envisions public policy, and reinvents deliberative democracy.
  • Douglass emphasizes inclusiveness — moving the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement forward. 

All Douglass products are aligned with Beloved Community Economics, Beloved Community PolicyThe Douglass Community Pledge  and The Douglass Community License