Douglass Search

Douglass Search

Douglass cloud has an integrated a search engine that includes a new cutting edge interface that gives users an easy and intuitive way to navigate and sort search results. The external search feature gives members the ability to search the web as well as news, image, music, videos.

Shorty we will integrate the ability to share search search results with Douglass members through Douglass email, Douglass circles, and Douglass Talk.

Douglass Search automatically discover groups of related documents and label them with short key terms or phrases. Douglass Search algorithms organize search results into a thematic pie chart that surfaces depth and context.

The Douglass Search interface gives a top-down overview of your search results. Large groups, the smaller ones, all in one picture.

Visually pleasing hierarchical pie-chart with properly curved labels and rich interactions.


All Douglass products are aligned with Beloved Community Economics, Beloved Community PolicyThe Douglass Community Pledge  and The Douglass Community License