Looking to buy

Intention Service - “Looking to Buy”

The Douglass “Looking to Buy” feature gives Douglass members and BCL aligned businesses the ability to explicitly broadcast their intentions to purchase products and services to Douglass Members and Groups.


In order to reinvigorate local commerce and reduce the environmental footprint, the “Looking to Buy” service focuses on nearby vendors and localized delivery options.

The aggregated information from “Looking to Buy” inputs forms the basis of the Douglass intention services, which is the missing piece of the puzzle for understanding true anonymous real-time demand for products and services. It revolutionizes marketing, e-commerce, and supply chain efficiencies by allowing for direct and member explicit permissioned access to member and community-based intentions to purchase products and services. 

The Douglass intention service changes the dynamic from a world where the flow of communication is from a brand or manufacturer to many members, to one in which the conversations and intentions flow from the member and the community to BCL aligned brands and manufacturers, with the expectation that all replies and offers will be intimate and one-to-one.

BCL Aligned Vendors, brands, and merchants can search for and receive notifications from members of the Douglass community that have a specific intention to purchase their products or services. Douglass provides members as well as  BCL Aligend merchants  real time API feeds of customer intentions that can be exported into supply and demand systems. Revenue and value from the API is stream is transparently shared with the Douglass Community. 

“Looking to Buy” intentions can be posted to all of a member’s followers or only to a specific group of followers. This gives members the ability to communicate with specific brands, manufacturers, or vendors about their purchase intentions.

Members posting “Looking to Buy” intentions will receive automated notification when item(s) for sale that match their requests are added to the Douglass “Looking to Sell” service.



The Douglass “offers” service gives BCL aligned vendors, brands, manufacturers, and businesses the ability to create personalized one-to-one offers in reply to specific intention requests. This creates an opportunity for highly valuable intimate one-to-one conversations between customers and sellers that are about specific intentions to purchase a product or a service. Members that receive offers have the ability to accept or decline the offer.

When an offer is declined members have the option of suggesting modifications to the offer that would be more acceptable to them. Sellers have the option of modifying offers based on a customer’s feedback. With the current design, once an offer is made, members have 24 hours to accept or decline.

Offers are truly one-to-one and can only be seen by the sellers and the involved member.