Looking to sell

Looking to Sell

The Douglass “Looking to Sell” service is the supply side portion of the Douglass "Looking to Buy" service. "Looking to Sell" gives Douglass members and BCL aligned merchants the ability to simply and easily add products and services for sale.

Douglass members can add items to the "Looking to Sell" service with the following key pieces of information: title, description, image, availability date, price, category, address and zip of the items for sale. This information gives members looking to buy products the ability to easily search for products by category, location and price, and product.

The Douglass matching service will send notification to members that have added looking to buy request that match products or services that have been added to the Looking to Sell service.

Douglass members have the option of sharing a percentage of their revenue from items they sell with followers, groups, and communities.