Resource exchange is foundational to natural ecosystems and human economies. The Douglass micropayment service fosters the creation of a self-contained commerce ecosystem that is generations ahead of any competitor services.

Local commerce services, social sharing, and content creation are integrated with the transaction and micropayment system serving as one of the of the key features of the Douglass platform.  

This integration means that Douglass can actually return value to communities and give them resources to define their own economic destiny with return of value generated via the platform to individuals, groups, and neighborhoods.

All transactions are done within the platform, a portion of the internal transaction fees that are charged are directly deposited into the Neighborhood Asset Pools of those transacting.

The micropayments feature gives members the ability to pay rights holders or supply chain partners in real time. The Douglass Payments API gives developers the ability to integrate Douglass payments into external websites and mobile applications.