Timbuktu is the Douglass communities Beloved Community aligned market place. Timbuktu is where Douglass community members and Cooperatives communicate and coordinate the production and distribution of products and services. 

Timbuktu is like a big community-owned Amazon.com that uses your incoming and outgoing orders to determine: Supply, costs, and production.

Timbuktu is named in honor of the Ancient Western African trade capital.

Looking to Buy Intention Casting Service

Orders are the precursor to transactions. Orders are a marker of economic intent. "I want this." If you have a system where orders for widgets (and other products) are publicly available, it becomes easy to measure how many orders for widgets there are and how backlogged those orders are in aggregate. If there is a backlog of two months, perhaps then it makes sense to open a new widget factory.

With Timbuktu's system of transparency, orders become the signals of demand. In fact, demand becomes much easier to measure, and given demand, and a system of fixed (or at least not rapidly fluctuating) pricing, supply can be adjusted to meet demand. Thus, we do not need a market system of arbitrary prices to facilitate a system of primary production.

Timbuktu's intention service changes the marketing and advertising dynamic from a world where the flow of communication is from a brand or manufacturer to many customers, to one in which the conversations and intentions flow from the customer and the community to brands and manufacturers, with the expectation that all replies and offers will be intimate and one-to-one.

The Timbuktu “Looking to Buy” service gives individuals, communities, cooperatives, and businesses the ability to explicitly broadcast their intentions to purchase products and services using a form or theTimbuktu bookmarklet. In order to reinvigorate local commerce and reduce the environmental footprint, the “Looking to Buy” service focuses on nearby vendors and localized delivery options.

The aggregated information from “Looking to Buy” inputs forms the basis of the intention services, which is the missing piece of the puzzle for understanding true real time demand for products and services. It revolutionizes marketing, commerce, and supply chain efficiencies by allowing for direct and explicit access to member and community-based intentions to purchase products and services. The data can be organized to surface valuable data points such as: purchase date, purchase price range, product, service, country, state, zip code.
Vendors, brands, and merchants can search for and receive notifications from members of the Timbuktu community that have a specific intention to purchase their products or services. It can provide merchants a real time API feed of customer intentions that can be exported into supply and demand systems.

Group Buying

Intentions can be aggregated and buying cooperatives of members can be organized to improve access to goods and reduce costs. For marginalized communities where there is limited access to basic necessities like healthy food, this is a real social benefit.

Timbuktu Offers

The Timbuktu “offers” service gives vendors, brands, manufacturers, and businesses the ability to create personalized one-to-one offers in reply to specific intention requests. This creates an opportunity for highly valuable intimate one-to-one conversations between customers and sellers that are about specific intentions to purchase a product or a service. Members that receive offers have the ability to accept or decline the offer.

When an offer is declined members have the option of suggesting modifications to the offer that would be more acceptable to them. Sellers have the option of modifying offers based on a customer’s feedback. With the current design, once an offer is made, members have 24 hours to accept or decline.
Offers are truly one-to-one and can only be seen by the sellers and the involved member.

Timbuktu Looking to Sell

The Timbuktu “Looking to Sell” service is the supply side portion of the Timbuktu platform service. It gives gives members and merchants the ability to simply and easily add products and services for sale. They can do so with the following key pieces of information: title, description, image, availability date, price, category, address and zip of the items for sale. This information gives members looking to buy products the ability to easily search for products by category, location and price, and product.

The Timbuktu matching service will send notification to members that have added looking to buy request that match products or services that have been added to the Looking to Sell service. Looking to Sell” items are also Timbuktu content types and can have reviews, images, and videos linked to and related to them.

All Douglass products are aligned with Beloved Community Economics, Beloved Community PolicyThe Douglass Community Pledge  and The Douglass Community License