Douglass Eco1 Laptop

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The Douglass Eco1 Laptop is the first truly environmentally-friendly laptop. We have focused both what the laptop is made from, and how it is made, in order to reduce energy consumption, encourage re-use and eliminate waste.

The Eco1 runs the Douglass OS is fully meshed enabled.

The goals in developing the Douglass Eco1 were:

  • Achieve a decrease of at least 30% in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • At least 70% of overall re-use and recycling of waste and
  • A reduction of at least 75% of fresh water utilization.

We have achieved these goals through:

  • simplification and reduction in the number of parts we use
  • reduction in the use of strategic, rare or hazardous materials
  • substitution with renewable or recycled materials
  • design and service structure for re-use
  • extended life through upgradability.

The Douglass Eco1 Laptop runs the Douglass OS and come with a suit of ready to use applications.

All Douglass Products are aligned with the Beloved Community Pledge and the Beloved Community License