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The Douglass Home Hub is one of the smartest and most aesthetic Smart Home Hubs Available.

The Douglass Home Hub is designed to serve as the center for your smart home. The hub itself bears a simple design that can be customized to fit your décor. It is also aimed at being able to connect to every smart home product you might buy, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and even devices that connect through the cloud.

The Douglass Home Hub understands 1500 voice-commands, learns additional vocabulary with every software-update and syntax-detection of new sentences. All voice-data is stored onto the 2GB encrypted local memory.

Douglass Home Hub includes “Drops,” – small mobile devices which can be placed all over the house so that voice commands can be received in all rooms and on all floors of the house. They can be turned off manually, so that private matters stay private.

With the help of these Drops, the Douglass Home Hub understands which room a person is standing in and from which room they are giving their spoken command.

The Douglass Home Hub does not charge any monthly fees and functions independently of any cloud, which means that it can work without the need of an internet or Wi-Fi connection. 

A smart home only truly becomes smart once it starts to learn, whether recognizing a pattern or learning a new skill. The Douglass Home Hub  is powered with ‘IFTTT’ capabilities, this means that it is possible to teach the Douglass Home Hub  actions that are subject to certain conditions, such as turning on the sound system when entering the room. With time, the Douglass Home Hub learns the various behavioral patterns of its owners and coordinates the smart home devices accordingly.

The Douglass Home Hub is extendable, thanks to its two USB ports, and speaks the most common programming languages. It supports wireless, Bluetooth, Z-wave, and cloud connected devices.

The Douglass Home Hub is ultra privacy-aware. None of your voice data is sent to the cloud — it’s stored on 2GB of encrypted local memory, so even if it is listening to you, what it hears stays within your home. Not only that, but the Voice Drops can be turned off manually — if, for example, you’re having a particularly private conversation and feel a little uncomfortable with the device listening.

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